So what is the significance of CarbonGro as a colloidal micelle?

What REALLY happens when it’s
applied to plants?

Below 50 nanometers, the traditional laws pertaining to physics and chemistry no longer apply, and you now enter the world referred to as quantum physics. Materials take on remarkable new properties. Something that was blue may now appear to be green; metals are now translucent and thus invisible; something that is a nonconductor of electricity can now pass a current; non-magnetic materials become magnetized; insoluble substances may dissolve; an amazing array of things now occur.

Plants, humans and animals are electro-magnetic and because of that, governed by the Periodic Law and Table. In photosynthesis, plants require radiation from the Sun, plus 6 molecules of water, and 6 molecules of carbon dioxide to make 1 basic sugar molecule and 6 molecules of oxygen. We know that plants emit oxygen into the atmosphere during the photosynthesis process and use that 1 molecule of basic sugar manufactured as the foundational building block for everything that we see growing above ground, producing roots, tree trunks, stems, leaves, branches, fruits and grain.

[If the basic sugar molecule is that important to the whole equation of plant growth, it follows that if we can increase sugar production in plants it will have a major impact on plant production and quality.] 

What is an angstrom?

What is an angstrom, what size is an angstrom and what does it mean here? There are 10 angstroms to a nanometer and a billion nanometers to a meter. As an example, a human hair is approximately 80,000-100,000 nanometers thick. Now follow me with this - if you take one cubic inch of CarbonGro and put it on a surface area one nanometer thick you will be able to cover 4 acres. This extreme surface coverage basically is what makes the product super-efficient in its effectiveness at increasing plant output.

CarbonGro is able to enter the plant cell due to its very small ‘nanometer’ molecular size.

CarbonGro is able to enter the plant cell due to its very small ‘nanometer’ molecular size. Although it doesn’t possess the quantity of nutrients normally expected of foliar fertilizers, the nutrients it has are extremely efficient and  effective, and are able to diffuse into the plants cells, providing energy and nourishment to the plant cell, which in turn then increases the level of sugar production as it photosynthesizes.

Sodium molecules which are cations [positively charged molecules] make up a trace amount of the CarbonGro product and increase the plant’s electrical conductivity. All the way down in the chloroplasts of the cells’ sugar factory 4 positive magnesium molecules combine with 1 nitrogen molecule. These positive magnesium molecules help to attract and pull in the positive sodium molecules and other elements attached to the cation, getting a piggyback ride into the cells of the sugar factory. (That’s the direct benefit of the solution becoming 84 percent active carbon.) The net result of this is the availability of more fuel, energy and conductivity to boost the sugar making capacity of the sugar factory cells. CarbonGro trials have shown an increased sugar level in a variety of plants by up to 80%, and the results are even more spectacular where normal plant nutrition is limiting or compromised.

Gro Higher Faster

When this higher sugar level [referred to as Brix] is achieved, plant production increases, also helping to boost what is termed systemic acquired resistance or SAR for short. That is the healthy plants ability to resist diseases. Molds, insects, fungi, pests are repelled in some cases by the plants higher sugar level, in other cases simply because the plants ‘resistance barrier’ is so strong. With higher Sugar/Brix levels, the plant has an ability to defend itself from attacks by pests and pathogens, as a result of having a good supply of nutrients coupled with the higher sugar level.

The overall effect and benefit from using CarbonGro is that growers are able to produce healthier more nutritious plants with a greater yield increase, in some cases as high as 33%, 50%, more, and overall much fewer growing problems, bringing in a healthier plant the you Gro Higher Faster